Research Management Committee

The Research Management committee (RMC) manages the research program and assures ongoing assessment of all projects in order to provide recommendations to the Board of Directors (BOD) regarding research priorities and budget allocations. The RMC reports to the BOD through the Scientific Director. In addition to the Scientific Director, the RMC is composed of the 4 IRIS leaders, the Executive Director (non-voting) as well as members from Inuit organizations, government and industry.


Allard, Michel
Professor, Department of Geography, Université Laval

Applejohn, Andrew
Senior Science Advisor, Government of the Northwest Territories

Archambault, Philippe
Professor, Biology Department, Université Laval, co-Scentific Director, ArcticNet (ex officio)

Barrett, Michael
Associate Director, Renewable Resources, Environment, Lands and Parks Department, Kativik Regional Government

Bell, Trevor
Professor, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Chatwood, Susan
Associate Professor, University of Alberta

Couture, Réjean
Subdivision Head, Geological Service of Canada – Northern Canada

Dawson, Jackie
Associate Professor, Department of Geography, University of Ottawa, co-Scentific Director, ArcticNet (ex officio), Manager, North by North

Ford, James
Priestley Chair, University of Leeds

Fortier, Louis
Professor, Biology Department, Université Laval, Scientific Director, ArcticNet (ex officio)

Furgal, Christopher
Associate Professor, Trent University

Gremion, Gwenaëlle
President, ArcticNet Student Association

Kalhok Bourque, Sarah
Acting Director, Northern Science and Contaminants Research, Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada

Keane, Tim
Senior Manager, Arctic Operations and Projects, Fednav Limited

Kuzyk, Zou-zou
University of Manitoba

Laing, Rodd
Research Manager, Nunatsiavut Government

Lemay, Mickaël
Network Manager, ArcticNet (ex officio)

Loring, Eric
Senior Policy Advisor, ITK ArcticNet Policy Advisor, Inuit Tapiirit Kanatami

Meakin, Stephanie
Senior Science Advisor, ICCC ArcticNet Coordinator, Inuit Circumpolar Council Canada

N. Papakyriakou, Tim
Professor, University of Manitoba

Nielsen, Guillaume
Research Associate, Yukon College

Shannon, O'Hara
Inuit Research Advisor, Inuvialuit Regional Corporation

Stern, Gary A.
Research Professor and Associate Director, Centre for Earth Observation Science, University of Manitoba

Sydor, Kevin
Section Head, Hydrotechnical and Oceanographic Studies, Manitoba Hydro


Viens , Brigit
Deputy Director, Networks of Centres of Excellence


Past Members

Bancroft, Doug,
Director, Environment Canada, Canadian Ice Service

Barber, Dave,
Professor, Faculty of the Environment, University of Manitoba

Bergman, Marty,
Manager, Arctic Science Program Development, Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Arctic Research Division

Biasutti-Brown, Marina,
Director, Environment Division - Department of Lands and Resources, Nunatsiavut Government

Bourque, Alain,
Executive Director, Ouranos

Braithwaite, Leah,
Chief - Applied Science, Canadian Ice Service, Environment and Climate Change Canada

Bukowsky, Roy,
Senior Environmental Specialist, Environmental Licensing & Protection, Power Planning & Development, Manitoba Hydro

Campbell, Celina,
Former Sub-Division Chief, Natural Resources Canada - Earth Sciences Sector - Geological Survey of Canada - Northern Canada Division (Ottawa)

Campbell, Karley,
Former President, ArcticNet Student Association

Carpenter, Larry,
Chair, Wildlife Management Advisory Council (NWT) - Inuvialuit Joint Secretariat

Cheechoo, John,
Director Environment & Wildlife, ITK

Dewailly, Éric,
Professor, Faculty of Medecine, Université Laval

Dunford, Andrew,
Director, Climate Change Secretariat, Government of Nunavut, Dept of Environment

Dumont, Dany,
Former President, ArcticNet Student Association

Else, Brent,
PhD Student,

Fortier, Martin,
Assistant to the Vice-Rector, Research and Innovation, Université Laval, Executive Director, Sentinel North

Gratton, Yves,
Professor, Institut national de la recherche scientifique - Eau, Terre et Environnement

Joseph, Helen,
Former Director, Oceanography and Climate Branch, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Kabloona, Gayle,
Policy Advisor, Nunavut Tunngavik Inc.

Lavallée, Philippe,
Environment Policy Manager, Nunavut Tunngavik Inc.

Lemmen, Donald S.,
Acting Executive Director, Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Directorate, Earth Sciences Sector, Natural Resources Canada

Loring, Eric,
Senior Policy Advisor, ITK ArcticNet Policy Advisor, Inuit Tapiirit Kanatami

Loseto, Lisa,
Section Head, Ecosystem Impacts, ArcticNet Student Association

McBean, Gordon,
ProfessorProfessor, Departments of Geography and Political Science, The University of Western Ontario

Meakin, Stephanie,
Senior Science Advisor, ICCC ArcticNet Coordinator, Inuit Circumpolar Council Canada

Musy, André,
Director General, Ouranos Consortium

Nickels, Scott,
Director, Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami

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