ArcticNet - Amundsen Expedition



2018 Amundsen Expedition

Follow the Amundsen’s journey across the Canadian Arctic in real time.

On 25 May the CCGS Amundsen is scheduled to leave its home port of Quebec City for a 107-day scientific expedition to the Canadian Arctic in support of ArcticNet's marine-based research program, the BaySys program, Sentinel North’s projects, Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s program and the Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems (VME) ROV program. Based on the science objectives, the expedition has been divided into five segments:

Leg 1 – BaySys-ArcticNet (25 May - 5 July) Quebec City to Churchill
Leg 2a – Sentinel North BriGHT/BaySys (5 - 13 July) Churchill to Iqaluit
Leg 2b – Sentinel North Ph.D. School and BOND project (13 - 24 July) Iqaluit to Iqaluit
Leg 2c – Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems ROV projects/DFO/ArcticNet (24 July – 16 August) Iqaluit to Resolute Bay
Leg 3 - Kitikmeot Marine Ecosystems Study/ArcticNet (16 August – 7 September) Resolute Bay to Quebec City