Acting under the direction of the Executive Director, ArcticNet's Administrative Centre is located on the campus of Université Laval in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada and is responsible for the daily operations of ArcticNet. The centre comprises the administrative offices of the network and includes its staff and equipment.

Philippe Archambault

Scientific Director
(418) 656-5967

Jackie Dawson

Scientific Director
(613) 562-5800 ext. 2084

Christine Barnard

Executive Director
(418) 656-5036

Natalie Desmarais

Finance and Administration Manager
(418) 656-2086

Claude Levesque

Finances and Research Management Assistant
(418) 656-2862

Christine Demers

Executive Assistant
(418) 656-5830

Marc-André Ducharme

Scientific coordinator
(418) 656-2389

Alexa Reedman

Research and Partnerships Manager

Pascale Ropars

Science manager

Charlee Heath

Communications and Events Officer

Shirin Nuesslein

Inuit Research Advisor Coordinator

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