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One of ArcticNet's principal objectives is to contribute to the training of the next generation of young specialists needed to study, model, manage and ensure the stewardship of the changing Canadian Arctic.

The fund was created to help support the training of ArcticNet graduate students and northern students within national and international Field Schools, Courses or Institutes.

The ArcticNet Training Fund covers 75% of the actual participation cost of the student up to a maximum of $5K per application. The remaining 25% must be covered by the applicant's supervisor/sponsor or with other funds available to the applicant for the training activity. We encourage students to apply for training opportunities hosted outside of Canada.


  • Eligible applicants must be ArcticNet graduate students or northern students supervised or sponsored by an ArcticNet Network Investigator;
  • The field school or course must provide high quality, Arctic-related training and development experiences for students;
  • Workshops and conferences are not eligible;
  • Internships in research laboratories are not eligible.

Selection Criteria

The Selection Committee will evaluate and rank eligible proposed training activities according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance and value to the goals and objectives of ArcticNet’s training program
  • Excellence of the proposed field school or course (extent of proposed curriculum, reputation of the host institution, ratio of students/mentors, reputation of the mentors, any similar criteria retained by the Committee)
  • Direct involvement of the students in the field or training activity (e.g. student presentations and reports)
  • Quality of the logistics and the experience offered (e.g. quality of the field station or ship, uniqueness of the opportunity, cultural setting, any similar criteria retained by the Committee)
  • International and multidisciplinary nature of the proposed activity
  • Added value of training experience relative to what is already offered at applicant's institution
  • Preference will be given to training opportunities located in the Arctic
  • Participation of northern students in the training activity

Consideration will be given to the fair allocation of support among the different science sectors of ArcticNet (natural, social and health sciences).

Application Process

  1. Applicants must fill out the ArcticNet Training Fund Application Form:

    word icn  Word Format   pdf icn  PDF Format
  2. The applicant’s supervisor or sponsor must fill out the ArcticNet Training Fund Reference Form

    word icn Word Format   pdf icn PDF Format
  3. Completed application forms and reference forms must be sent to Claude Levesque at the ArcticNet Administration Centre (by E-mail, FAX or mail).


The total ArcticNet Award, which represents 75% of the participation costs. Payment will be transferred to participating universities into a separate account under the name of the student's supervisor / ArcticNet NI.

  • After their training, students must submit a travel claim to their university. Students are to base their claim on the travel guidelines effective at their university. ArcticNet requires a scanned copy of the claim, including all receipts and related documents.
  • The  payment is issued after the training is completed and after we have received a copy of the travel claim. The amount is based on the actual costs as stated on the travel claim. Justification for any substantial increase in costs may be requested for approval. 
  • A complete financial statement in accordance to NSERC rules is required at the end of the fiscal year.


Students are asked to produce a short report on their training experience upon their return, in the form of a one to two page document describing the training experience and how it contributed to their research and career plan.

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