Projet antérieur

Projet antérieur

Wildlife Diseases Important for Human Health and Food Safety in the Changing Environment of the Eastern Subarctic

Leighton Patrick , Jenkins Emily

Chef de projet

Wildlife diseases important for human health and food safety in the changing environment of the Eastern Subarctic include rabies and food borne parasites, which disproportionately affect public health in Nunavik and Nunatsiavut compared to the rest of Canada. These diseases may also affect the health of wildlife and companion animals, and may be changing in response to changing climate, land use, and demographics in the Canadian North. By working with collaborators (academics, public health personnel and policy makers) and participating communities (through environmental health officers, hunters, community coordinators, and Hunter/Trapper Organizations), we aim to better assess and predict the risk of exposure to diseases relevant to the health of wildlife and local communities. This project will provide baseline information that communities, public health personnel, wildlife managers, and policy makers can use to develop culturally appropriate control and surveillance strategies for diseases affecting the health of both wildlife and people in the Canadian Eastern Subarctic. Contributes to IRIS: 4

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