Projet antérieur

Projet antérieur

Foundations for Student Persistence and Success in Inuit Nunangat

Melanie O'Gorman

Chef de projet

This research project addresses two interrelated questions, following priorities articulated by the Amaujaq National Centre for Inuit Education: 1. What is contributing to Inuit students’ persistence in or withdrawal from school, particularly at grade transitions?; 2. How are students progressing in Inuit schools, what are they achieving, and how is this achievement being assessed? For over forty years, Inuit and allies have worked toward equitable access, assessment, and achievement in Inuit schools. At the same time, statistics, reports, and community observations show that further efforts are required to support Inuit students to reach their potential, and have their achievements accurately acknowledged (e.g., Auditor General, 2013; Berger, 2006; NCIE, 2011). Through the compilation, synthesis, and contextualization of existing data and initiatives, as well as case studies in selected Inuit communities, this research will contribute to an evidence base from which those working in education can develop and prioritize initiatives to improve equitable access to high quality education in the North. The end result is supporting Inuit students to stay in sch have their learning assessed and recognized in culturally and linguistically appropriate ways.

Foundations for Student Persistence and Success in Inuit Nunangat

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