The early career researchers of the ArcticNet Student Association (ASA) recognize the importance of educating the public on polar research and increasing scientific literacy among young Canadians. As a result the ASA, through Schools on Board, has created the following online reimbursement application to facilitate polar and science outreach activities. This application will allow ASA members to apply for reimbursement of expenses incurred from travel or the purchase of materials associated with educational and outreach events conducted.

The maximum amount available for reimbursement per event is $500.00.

Once the application has been submitted, members of the ASA executive will review it and respond via email. Upon notification that your event qualifies for reimbursement, you will be required to submit all original receipts prior to the release of funds. In addition to this application, a photography release form is also provided so that you may document your outreach event and share it with the ASA community via our website, and include pictures in your future presentations.


form_icnOnline reimbursement application pdf_icnDownload photography release form

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