Projet antérieur

Projet antérieur

Permafrost Research for Northern Infrastructures and Improved Community Life

Allard Michel

Chef de projet

This project is focused on supporting infrastructure maintenance and construction for the development of the Arctic and the wellbeing of communities who live on the land, while making high-level scientific contributions to permafrost science and engineering. Building on previous research results in situations where permafrost is a key factor, this project has five overarching and interrelated objectives: 1) to map and improve knowledge of permafrost characteristics and temperature regime in a number of Inuit communities and in support of a number of infrastructure improvement or construction projects such as airports, roads and sea ports; 2) to provide informative support and advice necessary to select best choices of foundations for all types of buildings in communities, improve land use planning, better design urban architecture and better manage lands in general; 3) to create a teaching tool and a computer-assisted course on permafrost for widespread Inuit and public use; 4) to develop and test new engineering designs and materials for roads, airports and coastal infrastructures; and 5) to provide opportunities for the members of the research team and their students to carry out innovative research in permafrost science and engineering. Contributes to IRIS: 1, 2, 3, 4

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