Les systèmes terrestres

Projets de recherche en cours (2019-2023)

The effects of coastal storms on beaches in and around Cabin/Camping areas, Ausuittuq, Nunavut

The beach is vital to the way of life in Grise Fjord. The beach is where we store the boats, snowmobiles, kamutiks, and shacks full of equipment (for convenient access to the sea and ice to be able to go hunt our food or help anyone in need). The community butcher stores their meat at the beach (so polar bears don’t come into town). Sled dogs or guard dogs are usually at the beach to protect the community from bears. The beach is where kids play and learn about the environment and dangers of both sea and land. The beach ensures food security, safety, and a safe place to learn. Cabins and shelters are also located along the beach, near Jones Sound, between Narqsa and Arqsarvik (Lee Point). This area is affected by declining, and even sometimes unstable, sea ice coverage, and therefore strong storm impacts in the fall. In this project, we want to gain more knowledge on cabin and campsite exposure to increasing storm intensity and waves in order to better adapt to climate change.