Inuit Advisory Committee

The Inuit Advisory Committee (IAC) provides guidance and recommendations related to needs and priorities of Inuit with regards to strategic planning, research needs/gaps, input of traditional knowledge, community involvement, participation, training and education. The committee reports to the Research Management Committee (RMC) and is composed of the Inuit ArcticNet Coordinators, the 4 Regional Inuit Research Advisors, Inuit Organization members of the RMC and ArcticNet’s Executive Director (non-voting).



, Vacant
Inuit Research Advisor for Nunavut

Allen, Jean
Senior Policy Advisor, Nunavut Tunngavik Inc.

Barnard, Christine
Executive Director, ArcticNet (ex officio) (non-voting)

Barrett, Michael
Associate Director, Renewable Resources, Environment, Lands and Parks Department, Kativik Regional Government

Dawson, Jackie
Scientific Director, University of Ottawa, Department of Geography, co-Scientific Director, ArcticNet (ex officio), Manager, North by North

Gilbert, Gregor
Department of Environment, Wildlife and Research, Makivik Corporation

Grey, Lucy
Inuit Research Advisor for Nunavik

Laing, Rodd
Research Manager, Nunatsiavut Government

Loring, Eric
Senior Policy Advisor, ITK ArcticNet Policy Advisor, Inuit Tapiirit Kanatami

Meakin, Stephanie
Senior Science Advisor, ICCC ArcticNet Coordinator, Inuit Circumpolar Council Canada

Pamak, Carla
Chair, Inuit Research Advisor for Nunatsiavut

Parrott, Jenn
Director, Innovation, Science and Climate Change, Inuvialuit Regional Corporation

Reedman, Alexa
North by North Research Manager, University of Ottawa, ArcticNet (ex officio) (non-voting)

Tingmiak, Kendra
Term Inuit Research Advisor, Inuvialuit Regional Corporation


Past Members

Cheechoo, John,
Director Environment & Wildlife, ITK

Dunford, Andrew,
Director, Climate Change Secretariat, Government of Nunavut, Dept of Environment

Moss-Davies, Pitseolalaq,
Research and Policy Assistant, Inuit Circumpolar Council

Tagoona, Kendra,
ITK ArcticNet Policy Advisor

Lemay, Mickaël,
Network Manager, ArcticNet (ex officio)

O'Hara, Shannon,
Inuit Research Advisor, Inuvialuit Regional Corporation

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