Preliminary results show no COVID-19 in snow geese, suggests Université Laval study



Québec City, June 10, 2020–A study conducted by Université Laval researchers concludes that snow geese are not carriers of the virus responsible for COVID-19 and that hunting and eating these birds is safe.


A team of researchers from Université Laval captured 500 snow geese last May near Montmagny, 80 km east of Québec City, in order to collect samples to determine the presence of the virus responsible for COVID-19 in their oral secretions and excrement. The analyzes carried out at CHU de Québec-Université Laval’s Laboratory of Infectious and Immune Diseases revealed no trace of the virus in the 500 birds tested.


All the members of the field team were tested for COVID-19 before, during and after sampling and took all necessary measures to prevent contamination of the birds, which were released after samples were taken.


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Pierre Legagneux

Department of Biology

Sentinel North Research Chair on the Impact of Animal Migrations on Arctic Ecosystems

Université Laval


Catherine Girard

Viral Discovery and Ecology Laboratory

Department of microbiology, biochemistry and bioinformatics

Université Laval



Jean-François Huppé

Media Relations

Université Laval


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