UNIC2020 International Student Summit On Climate

From July 6 to 9, 2020, Québec will host an international event on climate action, aimed at university

students (from all levels or recently graduated) from around the globe. This Summit will bring

together some 300 participants at Université Laval (Québec, Canada), all leaders committed to

their community, their country or internationally. Together, they will imagine concrete and innovative

solutions, for the planet and better societies.

● UniC2020 will provide selected participants with a unique opportunity for discussion and

workshops, all geared towards training, sharing innovative practices, networking and building

effective national and international collaborations.

● The objectives of the Summit :

1. Establish, through an international network, a community of practice bringing together

young university leaders to support climate-ˇengaged societies.

2. Share approaches, discuss innovative and concrete actions and promote their


3. Identify gaps in scientific knowledge on various climate change issues to establish

international research collaborations.

4. Exchange on the best practices of university communities in terms of sustainable

development, for contributions to climate action.

● UniC2020 will also foster university students' preparedness for their contribution to major world

events on issues relative to climate action.

● The programming of the Summit, well anchored in international discussions, is articulated

around five major dimensions of university student life: the student-ˇlearner, the student on

campus, the student-ˇresearcher, the student-ˇcitizen and the student-ˇworker / entrepreneur.

● Details will be available by early 2020 through major international networks. This will include a

global call for applications for students or graduates who wish to take part. The selection of

participants will be carried out from the perspective of inclusivity and diversity.

● As a key attraction element, UniC2020 will be the launchpad for the International Student

Climate Network, a distinctive collaborative tool that will foster specific initiatives, all focused

towards concrete actions with regards to climate. This unique Network, whose leaders and

participants will be mainly students from all academic levels, will also host various activities

(eg sharing platforms, online training, web conferences).

● Following this first edition, a UniC Summit will be held every two years, in collaboration with

partners around the globe. These events will be interwoven with the Network's activities and

initiatives, to facilitate dialogue and stimulate university student collaboration worldwide.

● The UniC2020 Summit demonstrates the leadership of Université Laval

(www.ulaval.ca/developpement-ˇdurable), Québec City (www.ville.quebec.qc.ca), Quebec

(www.quebec.ca) and Canada (www.canada.ca) regarding climate action.

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