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Research by the North, for the North, in the North

Evidence-informed decision-making requires high quality research, highly trained and professional experts, and a focus on what really matters in a region. For Arctic Canada this means that science needs to be led by northerners and it should be based on northern knowledge and needs.


ArcticNet’s new North by North Program magnifies this urgent need to support northern research that is led by northern people.


Historically, research in Indigenous and northern regions has neglected the expertise, leadership and needs of communities in which some studies have taken place. Aligning with Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK)’s National Inuit Strategy on Research (NISR), the North by North program advances Inuit governance in research, ensures Inuit inclusion and co-design, builds capacity through training and fellowships, and uses partnerships to strengthen the impact and effectiveness of Inuit Nunangat research for and led by Inuit.



Why North by North?

ArcticNet’s North by North programming addresses significant gaps in northern and Inuit participation in the research and innovation ecosystem.


North by North accomplishes this through 1) an Inuit-led program, known as the Inuit Nunangat Research Program (INRP) and 2) a College-led program, which supports the appointment of research leaders at Yukon University, Aurora College and Nunavut Arctic College.


Inuit Nunangat Research Program (INRP):

  • Purpose: The Inuit-led, governed and directed program, works to fund Inuit-led research and knowledge holders to engage in studies that are relevant and prioritized for Inuit Nunangat.

  • Inuit-led research strengthens the ability for communities to address knowledge gaps that matter to them and to work with non-Inuit researchers as peers and colleagues.


College-led program:

  • Purpose: The college-led program focuses on building science capacity at northern institutions as they work to transition into universities.

  • Access to accredited university education in northern regions provides opportunities for high-quality post-secondary education for Inuit students, and opportunities for northerners with PhDs to return home and develop new research programs for future generations.




Inuit Nunangat Research Program (INRP) Call for Research Ideas

The members and organizations of our Inuit Advisory Committee (IAC) invite all Inuit to submit research project ideas in their preferred language and format. All submissions will be reviewed by the IAC, and those invited to submit full proposals will be provided support, where needed.


We encourage all members of our Network to share this information broadly, particularly with your Inuit contacts that may be interested. 


Please look for and share information and announcements about the program from the regional organizations that lead the INRP:

We would also like to thank our national partner Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami and international partner Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) Canada for their guidance and support in the development, implementation and promotion of this program.


Call for Research Ideas

View and download translations:


Submit your project ideas by July 24!

You can send your ideas by:

  • Email to

  • Video or audio file to (try to keep under 5MB)

  • Or by phone in your preferred language, toll-free, at 1-866-262-8181



Inuit Research Advisor, Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. (NTI)

The Inuit Research Advisor will advance the NTI research agenda by participating in, coordinating, and monitoring research activities in Nunavut. The position will play a critical role to ensure Inuit values and concerns are being considered in all research in Nunavut and ensure priorities and concerns of Inuit rights holders and stakeholders in Nunavut are addressed. 


The Inuit Research Advisor will assist the Senior Research Advisor in the coordination and review of research applications. The candidate will lead and coordinate the regional review of ArcticNet and North by North research proposals and reports, as well as represent NTI as a second member of the Inuit Advisory Committee.


For more details see the job posting:


Deadline to apply is July 24!




Program Committees

The INRP is overseen by the Inuit Advisory Committee and the College-led program is overseen by the Territorial Advisory Committee.



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