Executive Director - Nunavik Marine Region Planning Commission (NMRPC)

The Nunavik Marine Region Planning Commission (NMRPC) is an institution of public government, which was established upon the ratification of the Nunavik Inuit Land Claims Agreement in 2008. Its mandate is to develop planning policies and priorities for the Nunavik Marine Region (NMR) - both onshore and offshore - in the areas of conservation, development, management and use of the NMR. The primary purpose of land use planning in the NMR is to protect and promote the existing and future well-being of those persons and communities residing in or using the NMR, taking into account the interests of all Canadians. Special attention is devoted to protecting and promoting the existing and future well-being of the Nunavik Inuit and Nunavik Inuit Lands.


To accomplish its mission, the NMRPC works closely with the Nunavik Marine Region Impact Review Board, the Nunavik Marine Region Wildlife Board, the Eeyou Marine Region Planning Commission, and the Nunavut Planning Commission.

The governing body of the NMRPC consists of five appointed Commissioner Members: two by the Makivik Corporation, one each by the Government of Canada and the Government of Nunavut, as well as a nominated Chair appointed by the Minister of Indigenous Affairs and Northern Development, in consultation with the Territorial Government Minister responsible for Renewable Resources.

To learn more about the Nunavik Marine Region Planning Commission Executive Director position, please visit https://leadersinternational.com/nmrpc-executive-director-job-profile/

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