PHASE 3 (2011-2015)

Phase 3 (2011-2015)

During Phase 3 of ArcticNet, the Network’s 39 research projects focused on five main themes: marine systems; terrestrial systems; Inuit health, education and adaptation; northern policy anddevelopment and knowledge transfer. These projects contributed to four Integrated Regional Impact Studies (IRISes), each corresponding to one of the main political-physiographic-oceanographic regions of the coastal Canadian Arctic.

Marine Systems

Arctic Geomicrobiology and Climate Change

Carbon Exchange Dynamics in Coastal and Marine Ecosystems

Effects of Climate Change on Contaminant Cycling in the Coastal and Marine Ecosystems

Freshwater-Marine Coupling in the Hudson Bay IRIS

Impacts of Global Warming on Arctic Marine Mammals

Long-Term Observatories in Canadian Arctic Waters

Marine Biological Hotspots: Ecosystem Services and Susceptibility to Climate Change

Remote Sensing of Canada's New Arctic Frontier

Sea Ice, Climate Change and the Marine Ecosystem

The Arctic cod (Boreogadus saida) ecosystem under the double pressure of climate change and industrialization

The Canadian Arctic Seabed: Navigation and Resource Mapping

Terrestrial Systems

Climate analysis and scenario development for the Canadian Arctic and Subarctic

Effects of Climate Change on the Canadian Arctic Wildlife

Freshwater Resources of the Eastern Canadian Arctic

Growth variability and mercury tissue concentration in anadromous Arctic charr

High Arctic hydrological, landscape and ecosystem responses to climate change

Hydro-ecological responses of Arctic tundra lakes to climate change and landscape perturbation

Impacts of Vegetation Change in the Canadian Arctic: Local and Regional Assessments

Permafrost and Climate Change in Northern Coastal Canada

Population Dynamics of Migratory Caribou in Nunavik/Nunatsiavut

Inuit Health, Education and Adaptation

Adaptation in a Changing Arctic: Ecosystem Services, Communities and Policy

Climate Change and Food Security in Regional Inuit Centers

Community-Driven Research on H. pylori Infection in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region

Country Foods Health Benefits in a Changing Canadian Arctic

Food Security, Ice, Climate and Community Health: Climate change impacts on traditional food security in Canadian Inuit communities

Improving Access to University Education in the Canadian Arctic

Instability of Coastal Landscapes in Arctic Communities and Regions

International Inuit Cohort Study: Developing the next phase

Inuit Knowledge and Geospatial Ontologies in Nunatsiavut

Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit and the Transformation of High School Education in Nunavut

Mobilizing Knowledge Through a Network of Inuit Educational Leaders and Researchers: Bilingual Education in Inuit Nunangat

Understanding and Responding to the Effects of Climate Change and Modernization in Nunatsiavut

Northern Policy and Development

Adaptation, industrial development and Arctic communities

Climate change and commercial shipping development in the Arctic

Integrating and Translating ArcticNet Science for Sustainable Communities and National and Global Policy and Decision-Making

The Emerging Arctic Security Environment

The Law and Politics of Canadian Jurisdiction on Arctic Ocean Seabed

Knowledge Transfer

Enabling the coproduction of Inuit and Science knowledge through integrated information management

Polar Data Management for Northern Science

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