University of Ottawa

Guy Levesque

Associate Vice-President, Innovation, Partnerships and Entrepreneurship

Guy Levesque has spent the last 20+ years working in the area of research support and innovation, through successive roles at NSERC, the University of Manitoba and the Canada Foundation for Innovation. In November 2018, Guy joined the University of Ottawa as Associate Vice-President, Research Support and Infrastructure. He oversees a portfolio that includes the Office of Strategic Development Initiatives, Innovation Support Services, the uOttawa-Kanata North initiative, the Office of Research Ethics and Integrity, Animal Care and Veterinary Services, Animal Ethics, and Institutional Core Facilities. As Vice-President of Programs and Performance form 2015 and 2018, he was responsible for managing all aspects of the CFI’s research infrastructure funding programs and providing leadership and policy advice for developing policies relevant to these programs. Additionally, he championed their commitment to accountability and organizational excellence through the rigorous assessment and analysis of the outcomes and impacts of CFI investments in research infrastructure. As Director of Programs from 2010 to 2015, he was responsible for translating plans and policies into funding programs and directing and managing their delivery to the community, while ensuring alignment with the CFI’s various stakeholders. He also ensured that core program processes were offered at the highest internationally recognized standard. From 2007 to 2010 he held the position of Manager of the NSERC-Prairies Regional Office, with the responsibility of developing strategies to facilitate partnerships between universities, colleges, industry, and other government agencies involved in science and innovation. With his in-depth knowledge of the research agenda in Manitoba, Guy joined the University of Manitoba in 2005 to provide strategic advisory services to the Vice-President (Research) in support of the university’s CFI portfolio and other large-scale research initiatives, as well as revamping and fine-tuning project identification, proposal development and internal review mechanisms. Between 1998 and 2005, Guy also worked as Coordinator of Institutional Relations at the CFI, managing a portfolio of institutions and playing a key role in the creation of the CFI’s Leading Edge Fund. He also worked in all three NSERC program directorates – Scholarships and Fellowships, Research Grants, and Research Partnerships. He led a number of initiatives including the creation of the PromoScience program and helped revise the Industrial Research Chairs program. Guy holds a B.Sc. in Geology (magna cum laude), B.Ed. (summa cum laude), and M.Sc. in Geology, all from the University of Ottawa.