Past project

Past project

Designing and Implementing the Nunavik Health Survey Qanuippitaa 2016

Fortier Louis

Project Leader

Approximately 1000 Inuit living in the 14 communities of Nunavik participated in the health survey entitled ?Qanuippitaa? How are we?? during the fall of 2004. The Nunavik Health Survey Qanuippitaa 2016 will include three components: 1) a follow-up of the health status of the 2004 participants covering chronic diseases, infectious diseases and mental health; 2) a new youth cohort to identify indicators of health and well-being pertaining to this critical component of the Inuit population; and 3) a diagnosis of health and well-being at the community level. As in 2004, nutrition will be a central theme of the survey. A participative approach involving scientists, local health authorities and Inuit representatives will be used to define the outcomes of interest during the first year of the research program and launch the project?s community of practice. New methodological tools and youth/community indicators will be developed and validated prior to the survey, which will take place during the fall of 2016. This multi-scale, interdisciplinary and participatory study will be critical for the development of multi-sectorial health, social and environmental policies, in order to promote Inuit health and well-being across all generations, and to foster Inuit culture and resilience for many years to come.

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Designing and Implementing the Nunavik Health Survey Qanuippitaa 2016

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