Inuit Health Education and Adaptation

Current research projects (2019-2024)

Effective teachers for successful students: An investigation of the preparation and resiliency of Northern educators

The aim of this project is to respond to the needs identified by the National Inuit Committee on Education (NICE) from which the ArcticNet call was derived. Building on research and educational reform work currently being done in Inuit Nunangat, this project will generate evidence of promising practices in Inuit specific teacher education and in the ongoing support for Inuit teachers to transition into education leadership. In partnership with the four Inuit regions we will investigate what brings Inuit into the education profession, how Inuit teachers are trained and what supports and professional learning are and/or need to be accessible, to ensure resiliency, retention and the progression of Inuit teachers into educational leaders in schools.

Our project adopts an assets-based approach grounded in community, and as such, prioritizes the voices of Inuit. An understanding of current and past Inuit teacher education (including practices and patterns of participation by Inuit) across the four regions will be established through an environmental scan (Year 1), followed by a series of four case studies (one/region) involving interviews, community consultation meetings and a survey of Inuit teachers/teacher educators (Year 2). In Year 3 building upon information gathered in the previous two years, researchers will return to communities for further elaboration and feedback to identify innovative approaches to Inuit teacher education and professional learning that will support retention of Inuit teachers and educational leaders. The results of this work can be used to inform the development and revisions of Inuit specific bachelor of education, graduate programs and professional learning for Inuit educational leadership. This research will illuminate ways to better support Inuit teacher and administrator participation and advancement in schools.


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