Marine Systems

Current research projects (2019-2024)

Glacier ice volume, iceberg discharge and shipping risk in the Canadian Arctic and beyond

This project will use the rich datasets collected by ArcticNet projects and others over the past 20+ years to publish papers and data products focused on: (1) The first estimate of iceberg discharge for the entire northern hemisphere, separated into components due to terminus retreat and steady state ice flow. To produce this, ice thickness information at glacier termini will be combined with pan-Arctic satellite-derived measurements of glacier surface velocity and change in glacier frontal position for every marine terminating glacier over the period 2000-2020; (2) Determination of iceberg risks for shipping in Canadian northern waters (NORDREG zone), based on the patterns of iceberg discharge, the drift of >50 satellite tracking beacons deployed on icebergs from the CCGS Amundsen over the past 5 years, and a comprehensive record of shipping across the Canadian Arctic since the 1990s; (3) Glacier ice thickness across the Canadian Arctic, which will be used to derive the first measure of total glacier ice volume for this region. This ice volume information is required for climate change assessments, and will combine terrestrial radar measurements of ice thickness made during ArcticNet field campaigns, airborne radar measurements by agencies such as NASA and University of Cambridge, and bathymetric measurements collected by the CCGS Amundsen and others.



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