Marine Systems

Current research projects (2019-2023)

Water sampling to establish environmental baseline conditions for rivers supporting Arctic char near Naujaat

Location: Nunavut
Naujaat fishers have observed that when Arctic char travel down the river systems from the lakes where they overwinter to the coastal marine waters for the summer, the timing of their run is unique to each river. The locations char gather along the coast also vary. To have a better understanding of why this happens, we will investigate the environmental conditions in the rivers, lakes, and coastal environment in relation to the migration patterns of anadromous Arctic char throughout the winter, spring, and summer.

Over the next two years, Naujaat research coordinator and lead field technician Johnny Tagornak, will work with the Arviq HTO (Dolly Mablik, Manager), other community field assistants (particularly Laurent Kringayark), and scientists from the University of Manitoba study the physical and chemical properties of the rivers that drain into Repulse Bay. They will also study the coastal marine environment to better understand the relationship between char and their winter and summer habitat.