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As part of Arctic Change 2020 our partners from the Northern Inclusion initiative have produced short videos presenting the many different journeys of the members our community of Northern research. Referred to as Vox Pops in Northern Inclusion, these videos gather testimonies of researchers, youth and other members from the North and the South, celebrating the diversity enriching our research community as well as identifying obstacles and barriers with an intersectional approach.


AC2020 Vox Pops

Make sure to listen to the three 15 min videos celebrating the diversity in Northern research.


AC2020 Vox Pops Day One



AC2020 Vox Pops Day Two



AC2020 Vox Pops Day Three


Building on the success of their Vox Pops and the conversations they initiated about inclusion in our research community in a safe and open space, the Northern Inclusion initiative will continue through the year ahead with a series of video dialogues on important topics in Inclusion within the northern research community, the first of which was screened for the 2021 Arctic Science Summit Week.


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