Territorial Advisory Committee

The Territorial Advisory Committee (TAC) provides guidance and recommendations related to needs and priorities of First Nation, Inuit and Métis with regards to strategic planning, research needs/gaps, input of traditional knowledge, community involvement, participation, training and education. The members are actively involved in the development of the North by North Program, specifically the college-led initiative.


Applejohn, Andrew
Senior Science Advisor, Government of the Northwest Territories

Barnard, Christine
Executive Director, ArcticNet (ex officio) (non-voting)

Dawson, Jackie
Scientific Director, University of Ottawa, Department of Geography, co-Scientific Director, ArcticNet (ex officio), Manager, North by North

Hancock, Bronwyn
Associate Vice President, Research Development, Yukon College

Ogden, Aynslie
Senior Science Advisor, Government of Yukon

Seccombe-Hett, Pippa
Vice President, Research, Aurora College

Thomas, Mary-Ellen
Senior Research Officer, Nunavut Research Institute, Nunavut Arctic College

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