ArcticNet Fieldwork Safety Training Fund


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ArcticNet is committed to achieving health and safety excellence in all activities and operations conducted as part of its funded projects. The ArcticNet Fieldwork Safety Training Fund was created to help support Network Investigators and/or their graduate students, post-docs and staff participate in safety courses pertaining to fieldwork carried out as part of their ArcticNet funded projects.

The Fund will cover 75% of the total cost of an individual’s participation in a course, including course fees, travel and accommodations, up to a maximum of $3K per application. The remaining 25% must be covered by the applicant’s supervisor or through other funding sources.


Eligible Applicants

Network Investigators and/or their graduate students and staff who are involved in fieldwork directly pertaining to an ArcticNet funded project are eligible for this fund.

Eligible Training

  • Training relevant to the applicant’s fieldwork conducted as part of an ArcticNet funded project;
  • Training that results in accreditation from a recognized organization;
  • Training not already supported through the applicant’s University occupational health and safety program;
  • Training offered in Canada.

Funding Restrictions

  • Maximum of one application a year per applicant;
  • Formal educational programs such as workshops, degrees or diplomas will not be funded;
  • If an application for training includes travel, the fund will only consider the most direct route and economical travel; will not consider expenses such as car rental unless it can be demonstrated as necessary for the training and will not consider undefined budget items such as incidentals or contingencies.

Application Process

  1.   Applicants and supervisor must fill out the ArcticNet Training Fund Application Form
  2.   Send completed application form and reference form to Christine Demers (

Applications may be submitted at any time throughout the year.


The total ArcticNet funding, which represents 75% of the participation costs, will be issued in two payments. Payment will be transferred to participating universities into a separate account under the name of the ArcticNet Network Investigator/supervisor. After their training, applicants must submit a travel claim to their university. Claims must be made according to travel guidelines effective at their university. ArcticNet requires a scanned copy of the claim, including all receipts and related documents. The payment is issued after the training is completed and after we have received a copy of the travel claim. The amount is based on the actual costs as stated on the travel claim. Justification for any substantial increase in costs may be requested for approval. Unspent balances must be returned to ArcticNet. A complete financial statement in accordance to NSERC rules is required at the end of the fiscal year.


ArcticNet Safety Training Fund recipients are asked to produce a copy of their certification and a short report on their training experience in the form of a one-page document describing how the training met their requirements.


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