Melissa Lafreniere


Queen's University


My research interests pertain to the interactions between climate, hydrology and biogeochemical processes in cold regions. As part of Arctic Net project 2.4 I am investigating the effects of changes in snow accumulation and landscape stability on the export of nutrients (carbon and nitrogen) in surface runoff from High Arctic catchments. Through its effect on runoff, permafrost degradation, slope stability, soil moisture, and erosion, changing climate will exert a significant influence on nutrient dynamics in terrestrial catchments, and the flux of nutrients to aquatic ecosystems downstream. The key goals of this research are to quantifying the magnitude and seasonality of nutrient fluxes, and to estimate the response of these fluxes to changing hydroclimatic and permafrost conditions. This research will significantly improve our understanding of the larger scale impacts of future environmental change on nutrient on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and resources.

Primary Address

Queen's University Department of Geography D201 Mackintosh-Corry Hall Kingston, Ontario K7L 3N6

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