Projet antérieur

Projet antérieur

Water Security and Quality in a Changing Arctic

Scott Lamoureux , Lafreniere Melissa

Chef de projet

Water is crucial to Northerners and plays a vital role in the stability of landscapes and ecosystems. Projected climate changes are anticipated to substantially impact aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, and this project uses an integrated watershed approach to identify how climate and permafrost change drive freshwater quality and availability. This comprehensive research program is focused on understanding changing water systems through climate and permafrost change, and integrating this with the terrestrial ecosystem. Research is conducted primarily at the Cape Bounty Arctic Watershed Observatory (CBAWO) to provide key insights into drivers of water quality and quantity changes that are relevant for Northerners. This knowledge is also being transferred to build sustainable research capacity with stakeholders through a collaborative research program in the Apex River near Iqaluit, NU. The sustainable monitoring program with stakeholders will be expanded, and training and knowledge sharing opportunities will be offered. This research is especially motivated by concerns about changes to river flow and water quality by local decision makers and residents. Contributes to IRIS: 1, 2

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