Le transfert de connaissances

Projets de recherche en cours (2019-2023)

Ujjiqsurniq Avatiptini (Ability to Observe our Surroundings): A knowledge exchange between Mittimatalingmiut and Arviarmiut

In our communities of Mittimatalik and Arviat, Inuit youth are eager to learn weather prediction skills to hunt and travel safely that are based in Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit. Inexperienced hunters tend to rely more on environmental services (weather and marine forecasts, Windy.com) and take more risks. With our rapidly changing climate, we feel that both ujjiqsurniq avatiptini (ability to observe our surroundings) and modern weather forecasts used together are most beneficial for our community members. We want and need inexperienced hunters to gain skills in using both types of observations to make safe travel decisions. In this project, we create opportunities for knowledge exchange between our two very different communities. We have different landscapes, languages, and cultures. While on the land together in different seasons we will document how ujjiqsurniq avatiptini and modern forecasts are used together. We will film everything involved in trip planning and assessing environmental conditions. Watching people planning and putting their knowledge into practice out on the land is very different from reading about it in a report. We will create a series of short safety videos, a documentary film, and posters to share our experiences. Our goal is to develop informative resources to get people talking and thinking about how to plan for safe travel.