La santé l'éducation et l'adaptation des Inuits

Projets de recherche en cours (2019-2023)

Visualizing Rigolet Perspectives on the Muskrat Falls Project

This project aims to assess the strengths and challenges of participant photography as a research method and strategy for disseminating results in Inuit communities. It will do so by producing a photo book about Rigolet community members’ perspectives, concerns, and observations relating to the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project. The photo book will be distributed to participants, community organizations, schools, and relevant governmental organizations., Using mixed research methods, we will evaluate the use of photography as a method and research dissemination tool. Rigolet community members have been at the forefront of raising concerns about the potential environmental, social, and cultural impacts of the Muskrat Falls project. The outputs from the project will provide another avenue for drawing attention to the important perspectives of participant photographers. Their knowledge will be transferred to the wider community and policymakers in a creative way, all while collecting data to inform and improve future projects.