Working together in a changing Canadian Arctic.

In the rapidly changing Arctic region, shaped by climate change and modernization, environmental and socio-economic impacts are felt first and most severely in Arctic communities and territories.

ArcticNet contributes to the development and distribution of the knowledge to inform policy development and adaptation strategies to help Canadians meet the challenges and opportunities created by modernization and climate change in the Arctic.

About us


ArcticNet is a Network of Centres of Excellence of Canada that brings together scientists, engineers, and other professionals in the human health, natural and social sciences with partners from Inuit organizations, northern communities, federal and provincial agencies and the private sector to study the impacts of climate change and modernization in the Canadian North.



Education and Outreach Coordinator

Education and Outreach Coordinator Makivik Corporation SEND RESUME TO:   It is the Corporation’s objective to favor and promote the employment of Inuit beneficiaries

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ArcticKT Portal

The ArcticKT Portal is an accessible web-based tool that puts scientific and northern expertise in the hands of decision-makers in the Canadian Arctic. All Integrated Regional Impact Studies (IRIS) are available on the ArcticKT Portal.



Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Diverse and inclusive teams produce better, more creative and innovative science. ArcticNet is committed to sharing the responsibility to promote positive change and cultural inclusion within its network.

Research Projects

Polar Photography


This collection of premium, rights-managed photographs captures the spectacular beauty of the Arctic and Antarctic. The Gallery features researchers, scientific tools, landscapes, and wildlife through the lens of ArcticNet researchers.


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