ArcticNet is a Network of Centres of Excellence of Canada that brings together scientists and managers in the natural, human health and social sciences with their partners from Inuit organizations, northern communities, federal and provincial agencies and the private sector. The objective of ArcticNet is to study the impacts of climate change and modernization in the Canadian North. Over 176 ArcticNet researchers and 1000 graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, research associates, technicians and other specialists from 40 Canadian universities, and 20 federal and provincial agencies and departments collaborate with more than 150 partner organizations in 14 countries.


Current Research Projects

ArcticNet's multidisciplinary research effort is focused on addressing the challenges and opportunities facing the coastal Canadian Arctic, with the objective of filling identified knowledge gaps to help the formulation and implementation of policies and adaptation strategies.


Impact Assessments

Our Integrated Regional Impact Studies (IRIS) bring together ArcticNet researchers with Inuit, Northern and partner experts to translate knowledge into action and recommend climate change adaptation strategies for northern communities in the Inuit Nunangat


Research Results

ArcticNet Research Compendia collect our yearly Project Reports which include detailed descriptions of the Science Teams’ methods and results combined with comprehensive discussions and research conclusions to date


Annual Reports

These documents provide excellent, easy-to-read snapshots of ArcticNet activities combined with award winning photos from Network members that showcase our science, our partnerships and the arctic landscape


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