Inuit Health Education and Adaptation

Current research projects (2019-2023)

Assessment of the viability of goose harvesting as a response to food sovereignty in Arviat

Location: Arviat, Nunavut
A significant study took place in Arviat in 2016-17 to assess the impacts of overpopulation of snow geese in the area. During this collaborative study, co-management options were discussed by the community. From that time, the Aqqiumavvik Society in Arviat has continued to discuss the concerns with the Hunters and Trappers Organization (HTO) about increased goose populations and the potential it might have for food security in the area. Aqqiumavvik has been working on alleviating community food insecurity since 2012. The focus has been on animal health and the promotion of full use of harvested animals to feed families. This work has been carried out for caribou, fish, seal and beluga. In this project, Aqqiumavvik will explore the promising options for promoting increased consumption of geese and eggs