Terrestrial Systems

Current research projects (2019-2024)

Investigating Water Quality in Fish-bearing Lakes in Imaryuk

This project is designed to generate a water quality database for long-term water health monitoring on Imaryuk, working closely with the Inuvialuit communities living in the area. Imaryuk is important to Inuvialuit because of traditional activities like fishing, harvesting, travelling, and recreation. This project will have three components that integrate traditional and academic knowledge to drive environmental and sustainability action plans. Firstly, the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC) researchers and local Inuvialuit will conduct structured surveys of community members living in Imaryuk camps. This will be done to gather first-hand knowledge detailing the economic and cultural value of the lakes, including consumption, harvesting, and fishing associated. Secondly, IRC researchers and local youth will conduct research to collect and analyze lake water to determine water quality, building on previous research from the Tuktoyaktuk Community Committee, Aurora College, and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to include a wider suite of organic and inorganic parameters. Lastly, this research will incorporate an educational component that features scheduled activities that are predetermined and approved by the local school district principals to cater to K through 12 school students in Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk.

Qaujisarnik Imaup Qanuinninganik Iqaluqaqpattuni Tasirnik Imaryukmi

Piliriaksami sivuliqtut: Williams, Shanay & Parrott, Jenn

Ikajuqtuijuq Timiujuq: Inuvialuit Regional Corporation

Namiinningit: Tuktoyaktuk, Inuvik

 Taanna piliriatsaq piliriangusimajuq katiqsuigutauluni imaup qanuinninganik Imaryukmi, piliriqatiqarlutit Inuvialuit nunalinginnik nunaqaqtunik avataani. Imaryuk pimmariujuq inunginnut Inuvialuit pijjutigillugu iliqqusituqangittigut atuqattaqsimammagu iqalliarviulluni, nuaksiviulluni, aullaarviulluni, pinnguarviullunillu. Taanna piliriaksaq pingasunik iluliqarniaqtuq ilautiksigiaqtunik qaujimajatuqaujunik silattusarvimmillu qaujisaqtinik parnautiliurutaulutit annaumagiarutiksanut. Sivullirmi, Inuvialuit Aviktuqsimajuni Kuapariisanga (IRC) qaujisaqtingit ammalu nunaqaqtut Inuviallunni qaujisarniqarniaqtut aaqqittausimajunik nunaqaqtunik Imaryukmi. Tamanna pilirianguniaqtuq katiqsuigutauluni kiinaujaliurunnarnikkut iliqqusituqakkullu pigunnaqtaujunik tasinginnik, piqasiullugit niriviuvanningit, nuaksiviuvanninga, iqalunniarviuvattulu. Tungaagut, Inuvialuit Aviktuqsimajuni Kuapariisangani qaujisaqtiit ammalu nunalinni makkuttut qaujisarniqarniaqtut Tuktoyaktuk Nunalinganni Katimajinik, Aurora Collegemi, ammalu Tariurmiutalirijikkunnik ilautiksigiarlutit. Kingullirmi, tamanna qaujisarniq ilautiksiniaqtuq ilinniarutiksanik piliriaksatigut tukitaarutaugiiqsimajutigut angiqtausimalutillu nunangitta ilinniaqtulirijikkunginnut angijuqqaanginnut ilinniatiksivattuni Ilinniaqtilaarnit tikillugu 12mi quvvasinniliit ilinniaqtiit Inuvikmi ammalu Tuktoyaktukmi.