Marine Systems

Current research projects (2019-2023)

Kaujivalliajut nillikulunnik | Getting to know little geese

Location: Nunatsiavut
This project aims to ‘get to know’ a new arrival to Nunatsiavut- a medium-bodied goose. These geese are smaller than the usual Canada geese that summer in Labrador each year. They also have a distinct call, behavior, and migration timing that can easily distinguish these newcomers from other similar birds in the area. Community members throughout Nunatsiavut have raised questions about these geese, primarily because it is not understood where they are coming from or what threats they may face elsewhere across their annual range. The project focuses on capacity building within Nunatsiavut through various training opportunities so that communities and community members may take an active and valuable role in conducting scientific research using a variety of methods. Genetic, stable isotope, camera trapping, and spatial tracking methods are all commonly used in monitoring wildlife and will be combined to determine where medium-bodied geese come from.