Michael Barrett

Associate Director

Renewable Resources, Environment, Lands and Parks Department


Professional career began in the early 1970’s as a coordinator for Cree owned Outfitting camps in James Bay and later for Inuit owned camps in Ungava Bay. Graduate with an Honours BA in Anthropology while working summers as a Forest Ranger. In 1974 employed by the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs first as a regional tourist outfitting officer working from Quebec City and in 1978, in economic development working in Kuujjuaq. In 1979 was one of the first employees of the Kativik Regional Government in the capacity of Director of the Renewable Resources Department until 1990. Mandates included negotiations and implementation of the Inuit Hunting, Fishing and Trapping support Program;,implementation of the Environmental and Social Regime Protection north of the 55 parallel Chapter 23 of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement; Employment and Training Programs; among others. From 1990 to 1995 Environmental Consultant for the Makivik Corporation. Mandates included hydro electric projects, marine infrastructure consultations and planning and environmental projects. From 1996 to the present, Associate Director of the KRG’s Renewable Resources, Environment, Lands and Parks Department. Programs in the Department include the Inuit Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Support Program, Wildlife Protection, Environmental Program, Land Use Planning, Parks Development and the management of the four Parks in Nunavik. Currently member of the Kativik Environmental Advisory Committee, Nunavik Parks Liaison Committee, the Parks Harmonization Committees, Steering Committee Fonds Restor-Action for Abandoned Mining exploration sites, the Advisory Committee and Working Group for the designation of at least 20% of Nunavik as parks, bio-diversity or aquatic reserves, and ArcticNet Inuit Advisory Committee and the Research Management Committee.

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