Board of Directors


The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall governance of the network and acts in accordance with the By-Laws of ArcticNet Inc. A majority of Board members are senior officials of organizations other than Participating Institutions, coming from Inuit organizations, government and industry. Subcommittees of the Board of Directors include the Executive Committee, the Audit & Finance Committee and the Environmental Review Committee.


Archambault, Philippe
Scientific Director, Université Laval, Biology Department, co-Scientific Director, ArcticNet (ex officio)

Barnard, Christine
Executive Director, ArcticNet (ex officio) (non-voting)

Dawson, Jackie
Scientific Director, University of Ottawa, Department of Geography, co-Scientific Director, ArcticNet (ex officio), Manager, North by North

Fortier, Martin
Executive Director, Sentinel North, Université Laval, Assistant to the Vice-president, Research and Innovation

Jayas, Digvir
Vice-President (Research and International), University of Manitoba

Kelly, Brendan
Director, SEARCH, United States

Kirkwood, Donna
Chair of the Board, ArcticNet

Koperqualuk, Lisa
Vice-President - Intl. Affairs, Inuit Circumpolar Council

Levesque, Guy
Associate Vice-President, Research, Support and Infrastructure, University of Ottawa

Obed, Natan
President, Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami

Rautio, Milla
Professor, Université du Québec à  Chicoutimi

Swan, Cedar
Chief Executive Officer, Adventure Canada


Fast, Stewart
Senior Program Manager, Networks of Centres of Excellence


Past Members

Aatami, Pita,
President, Makivik Corporation

Audette, Marie,
Associate Vice President, Research and Innovation, Université Laval

Audla, Terry,
President, Inuit Tapiirit Kanatami

Barbour, William,
Member, Nunatsiavut Assembly for Nain

Bégin, Yves,
Vice-Rector, Research and Academic Affairs, Institut national de la recheche scientifique

Bishop, Glen Y.S,
Vice-President, Canadian Arctic, ConocoPhillips Canada

Bourget, Edwin,
Former Vice-recteur à la recherche et à la création, Université Laval

Corell, Robert,
American Meteorological Society and Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University

Corey, Mark,
Former Assistant Deputy Minister, Natural Resources Canada - Earth Sciences Sector

Delisle-Alaku, Adamie ,
Executive Vice-president, Makivik Corporation

Dunford, Andrew,
Director, Climate Change Secretariat, Government of Nunavut, Dept of Environment

Eetoolook, Jame,
1st Vice-President, Nunavut Tunngavik Inc.

Everell, Marc-Denis,
Former Assistant Deputy Minister-Meteorological Service, Environnement Canada

Fortier, Louis,
Former Scientific Director and Founder,

Fortier, Paul,
Vice-recteur à la recherche et à la création, Université Laval

Gray, Brian T.,
Assistant Deputy Minister, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada

Hanson, Udloriak,
Former Executive Director, Inuit Tapiirit Kanatami

Harrison, Peter,
Professor Emeritus, School of Policy Studies, Queen’s University

Itzkovitch, Irwin,
Former Assistant Deputy Minister, Natural Resources Canada - Earth Sciences Sector

Karetak-Lindell, Nancy,
President, Inuit Circumpolar Council (Canada), Inuit Tapiirit Kanatami

Keselman, Joanne C.,
Vice-President Research, University of Manitoba

King, Janet,
Assistant Deputy Minister, Northern Affairs, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

Kusugak, Jose,
Former President, Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami

Labonté, Danielle,
Former Director General, Indian and Northern Affairs

Lafreniere, Melissa,
Professor, Queen's University

Leblanc, Raymond,
Former Vice-Recteur à la recherche et à la création, Université Laval

Lin, Charles,
Former Director General, Environnement Canada

Loberg, Carmen,
President and CEO, NorTerra Inc.

Marceau, Richard,
Former Vice-President (Research), Memorial University of Newfoundland

Mayrand, Denis,
Former Vice-recteur à la recherche et à la création, Université Laval

Nutall, Mark,
Marshall Tory Professor of Anthropology, University of Alberta

Paterson, Tom,
Vice-President, Fevnav Limited

Peters, Mike,
Former Northern Canada Operations, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

Simon, Mary,
President, Inuit Tapiirit Kanatami

Smith, Duane,
President, Inuit Circumpolar Council

Tanguay, Geneviève,
Vice-Rector, Université de Montréal

Van Dine, Stephen,
Assistant Deputy Minister, Northern Affairs Organization

Watson-Wright, Wendy,
Chief Executive Officer, Ocean Frontier Institute, Dalhousie University

Watt-Cloutier, Sheila,
Former President, Inuit Circumpolar Council

Wojczynski, Ed,
Division Manager of Portfolio Projects Management, Manitoba Hydro

Woods, Shelagh Jane,
Director General, Primary Health Care and Public Health Directorate of the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, Health Canada

Paddon, Tom,
Chairman, Baffinland Iron Mines Corporation

Thomas, David J,
President and Chairman, The Axys Group

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