Rodd Laing

Research Manager

Nunatsiavut Government


Rodd Laing is the Research Manager with the Nunatsiavut Government and currently leads a diverse portfolio of research programs. These initiatives integrate science and traditional knowledge to better understand changes in contaminants, marine mammals, sea ice and the impacts these changes have on the health and well-being of Inuit. Rodd holds a BSc in Biology from Dalhousie University and began working in the Arctic in 2008 while doing graduate work at the University of Manitoba. In 2010, while working at Trent University, Rodd centered his research in the Nunatsiavut region. In 2012, he moved to Nain to work with the Nunatsiavut Government. Rodd is also Director-at-Large and Communications Committee Chair for the Canadian Network of Northern Research Operators (CNNRO) and is a key member of the ArcticNet-supported `SmartICE` project led by Memorial University.

Primary Address

Nunatsiavut Government PO BOX 70 Nain, Newfoundland and Labrador A0P 1L0

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